About Us

Yifki electricals is a Ugandan based company, owned and family operated, we in the supply, adaption and repair electric motors. We are proud to be the home of the Gaunglu electric motor. We have all kinds of single phase and three phase motors, such as GL/Y3/GMYY/GMYL , which are widely used for driving all kinds of general mechanical equipment, such as compressor, mixers, water pump, etc.

For many years, we are tracking for the most advanced technology in domestic and industrial motors, plus Motor spare parts.

Our Experience

Our experienced team is on hand to advise on which motor would best suit your requirements and budget. Yifki electricals  unique team of skilled professionals are dedicated to fast and accurate response through value and quality customer service.

 We are also dealers in a wide range of Electrical products for both domestic and industrial purposes. Our products come from reputed and standard manufacturers like Sigma, Tense, Onka, Gaunglu, Pakosan, Gacia,Andeli, Westhomes,Kaltes to mention but a few.

Contactors, Circuit breakers, Connectors, PG Glands, Electric Enclosure, Gear box motor, Current transformers, Cable Trunking, Timers, Capacitors, Panel meter, Isolators.

We also deal in Regulators single phase/3 phase, online backup systems, inverters, solar systems, maintenance free batteries.

A major strength of Yifki electricals is our commitment to satisfy the demands of our customers with innovative, high quality and cost effective ‘branded’ products sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Our business constantly adapts to meet the needs of an ever-changing market and our very strong relationships with our suppliers ensure that information regarding new products and trends is quickly communicated.

We will be great full if we get a chance to serve you in future. Please contact us for any queries